Shampoo, condition and thoroughly dry your own hair.

Have your hair braided up as if you were actually having a basic weave applied to your head, with one exception:

Make one braid around the entire circumference of your head, independent of all the other braids.

You must keep this one braid completely detached, separate and apart from the rest of the braids!

This will be the main braid you will attach your unit to.

Once your hair is all braided down, and you have completed that one detached braid that goes around the entire circumference of your head, you are ready to install the unit.

Slip the back piece ( the piece with the wefts) onto your head.

Pull it down so that it is secure on your head.

Now sew the piece around the entire perimeter of your head by attaching it to that independent braid that you made.

Sew along the hairline and around your ears and neck.

After you have attached it to the perimeter, sew it down in the crown area. (Just a few stitches will do.)

Now tack it down by sewing a few stitches to the middle back section.


So you want to sew it down around the perimeter, then secure it at the crown and middle back section

of your head.

It is very important that you sew it down at the crown and in the middle back as well as the perimeter.

If you only sew it at the perimeter, it will flop in the middle and feel loose, So please attach at all the areas recommended.

Once you have completed fitting and attaching the wefted section, trim the excess netting from the unit.

Now all you have to do is attach the top/closure piece to the wefted piece that you have just sewn onto your head.

You will do this by sewing the edges of the top/closure piece to the open netted top section of the wefted back piece.

Trim the excess lace netting before you attach the top/closure piece to the back wefted section.

Now sew the top/closure piece to the back wefted piece.

note: Always try to “hide” your stitches by making them small and neat. Not large or obvious. especially in the very front at your forehead hairline.

You can re use this fabulous piece over and over again, and with proper maintenance and good care, it will last for a long time.

One of the other great things about the QUICK NET WEAVE is that you can always add hair if you want an even fuller look, or remove hair if you would like less hair.

You can add a different color weft in between the existing ones to create highlights, or lowlights.

By using our net base design, you can change your look any time you change your mind. It’s a woman’s prerogative, right?

And since the wefts are already on the net, you needn’t worry about hair breakage to your natural hair; And most of all, the net base is very light and breathable so your head stays cool.

ALWAYS apply a good cream conditioner after each shampoo.

We also recommend “Moroccan oil” as the last step before styling. You can purchase it on line or at many upscale beauty salons. Well worth it!