This is why we at STUDIO HAIR DEPARTMENT strongly suggest that after you receive your new unit, put it on, play with it a bit, and take a hard look in the mirror. Does it enhance the shape of your face?
Would a little off here and a little thinning there make it just perfect? If so, find a qualified stylist who specializes in cutting and styling hair pieces, and see if she/he can make a few suggestions that will truly customize your look. Word Of Caution: Have the stylist do 25% less than what you or they
think you want. That is to say, have them leave the hair a little longer and take a little less fullness out than you would like at that moment.

Go home and live with that for a week or so. Do you still want it to be shorter or thinner? If you do, go back and have them take a bit more away. The point is to do all cutting/thinning GRADUALLY, because when you
remove hair from the piece (unlike the hair on your head), it wonʼt grow back! Please contact us at: STUDIOHAIRDEPART.COM for any questions. We are here and happy to help.